A page for anything I think I need to say. I’ll be adding content over time.


March 2019: CreateSpace, the U.S. Print-On-Demand platform that I used to produce my air brake book has ceased business and been merged by Amazon into Kindle Direct Publishing. The book remains listed with and available from the Amazon bookshop. However, KDP do not ship author copies to Australia (I think they’re rebelling against the new GST requirements imposed by the Australian government… thanks for nothing, Gerry Harvey et al), so I’m in the process of migrating production of this book to another U.S. POD platform, IngramSpark, who have a production house here in Melbourne, Australia. Once this is completed, I’ll be able to provide copies myself per the ‘Publications’ page of this website.

June 2019: Some years ago, I commenced scoping out another book to be the story of the life and death of Australia’s only truly 5-Star luxury train, the Great South Pacific Express. This operation, based in Brisbane, was a joint venture between Queensland Rail and Orient-Express Trains & Cruises (now called the Belmond Group), and commenced operations in 2000. The SARS virus and 9/11 affected global luxury travel sufficiently that the operation only lasted a couple of years. I toyed with calling it “Murder Of The Orient Express”, but came to my senses. I might call it The 5-Star Rattler, after something Tim Fischer said when he was aboard its maiden voyage (yes, this was a ‘cruise train’). Anyways, I’m continuing to sort the material and narrative for this book. It’ll follow the Locotrol one.

February 2021: I am in the final stages of completing the interior design for a new book, The Only Game In Town – A4-size, 155 pages, 260 illustrations. This is a history of locomotive distributed power, which means it’s the story of ‘Locotrol’. I’m currently reviewing the designer’s output, and making a few changes. Hope to have the PDF submitted to my Print-On-Demand platform, Ingram Content Group (LightningSource), within a few weeks. Once it’s ready for print, I’ll display it on my Publications page.