‘Boomer’ is an Australian colloquial term for a kangaroo. In case you were unaware, ‘roos bound along when they’re on the move, and sometimes travel great distances. ‘Boomer’ was also an American historical term for a railroader who moved around a lot… from company-to-company, chasing the work. I’ve been a railwayman since 1970 and have worked in locomotive engine service, training, and supervision within New Zealand and across Australia (and in a couple of foreign lands). I reckon you might call me a ‘boomer’.
I’m an interested railway author, especially around technical subjects pertinent to locomotives, their operation, and the subject of train handling. Photography is not a great skill and I do not, generally, pursue the subject of railroading for recreation. I am probably not a railway enthusiast (in the sense of Railfan),  but I am—unashamedly—an enthusiastic railwayman and a keen student of locomotive history and archaeology.

I have—in the past—been active in Tourist & Heritage railway operations, and remain a financial contributor within this field. I have great respect for those practical and viable groups who strive to keep our railway heritage alive for future generations.


Fergie Moffat,

April 2017